Welcome! Our goal is to help our children become true disciples of Jesus Christ by building relationships with them, Being examples for them, and teaching them God’s Word.

Online video lessons for RidgeKids can be found here.

RidgeKids Sunday Lesson


The RidgeKids Nursery is for children from birth through 2 years old. It is a clean, safe, and carefully staffed place where your children will be well cared for while you attend the worship service. We believe that basic truths can be understood even at an early age.

Babies know when they are safe and secure. They know when they are being genuinely loved and respond to comfort. We think these are the earliest ways to demonstrate God’s love to them. The RidgeKids nursery area is divided into age-appropriate rooms adhering to a safe adult to child ratio.


RidgeKids Preschool is our small group environment for 2–to 5-year-olds. On Sundays, children are in a fun, safe, age-appropriate environment where they can make friends and learn about God. We want preschoolers to understand 3 fundamental truths:

  • God made me
  • God loves me
  • Jesus wants to be my friend forever

Each month, your child will receive a laminated placemat that has a summary of each week’s lesson, the monthly memory verse, and a game. Use this placemat as a reminder to talk to your child about what they are learning all month long.


Elementary age kids follow a curriculum called The Gospel Project for Kids.  It is a 3-year chronological cycle of the entire Bible. Each lesson connects back to Jesus and the Gospel. The goals of the curriculum are to connect every lesson to Jesus, transform kids by the power of the Gospel message, and create a sense of mission within our kids.

Every child is assigned to a small group with a leader who is investing in the child’s life not only to teach Biblical truth but also as a friend, a role model, and a caring adult. 1 Thessalonians 2:8 says We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well because you had become so dear to us.   Small group leaders are in it for the long haul with kids.

RidgeKids K-3rd Grade

Kindergartners through 3rd-grade check-in at Family Ministry Registration and go directly to their ministry area at the beginning of service.

RidgeKids 4th-5th (Studio 45)

4th & 5th graders check-in and go to the service with their parents and are dismissed after the worship to go to their ministry area.

Parent Resources:

The Gospel Project® for Kids immerses kids and preschoolers in the gospel through every story, theological concept, and call to mission from Genesis to Revelation. Ultimately, the gospel message changes everything; heart transformation can only take place when a child experiences the gospel. Through The Gospel Project® for Kids, kids and preschoolers will understand the Bible is not just a collection of stories, but one unified story—God’s story of redemption.