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Summer at the Movies

You Are Welcome Here

This 4-week series will take a closer look at the Holy Spirit, the least understood member of the Triune God.

The 4 Stories of Jonah

For the next four weeks, we are going to look at the life of Jonah, a guy famous for running from God. We will see how a sovereign God loved him, dealt with him and his running, and used him to accomplish His plans in the world anyway.

You’ll learn how to embrace God’s calling on your life, and discover how to live life according to the purpose and plan He has for you.


Whazzuuup!? No, really... What's up with some of the key areas in your life? We're talking your relationship with God... With your money... And with your spouse/kids/friends...

It's time to take a look at each one and see what next steps of improvement you can make in 2021.